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Thorough investigatory practices by the Denver Auditor’s office led to a carom benefit for Denver International Airport contract workers.   While in the field investigating job sites at DIA, the Auditor’s Prevailing Wage investigators happened upon another project on DIA property. The project, known as the DIA Jackson Gap Road Extension, was located along the northern border of Aurora where construction on a new Aurora parking structure was underway.

After conducting interviews with workers on the job site, Prevailing Wage investigators determined that their employees were being underpaid for the work they were doing, either as a result of unreported hours or mistaken job classifications. Prevailing Wage investigators contacted the contractor responsible for the project and put in motion the steps necessary to ensure the underpaid workers received proper compensation for their work. The process has taken some time, but the Auditor’s office is happy to report that the contractor involved in these underpayments has been cooperative, and workers have received checks for the prevailing wages owed.

Valerie Ramirez, Contract Compliance Coordinator, garnered substantial pay differentials for three workers in particular. Over the course of one month this summer, these individuals received payments of $4,423.83, $4,068.56, and $2,318.92 for a restitution totaling $10,811.31. Thanks to the diligence and oversight of Ms. Ramirez and the Auditor’s Prevailing Wage Division, workers at the DIA Jackson Gap Road Extension job site are now being properly paid, as mandated by current prevailing wage rates and Denver’s municipal code.

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