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An audit of Denver International Airport’s Emergency Preparedness Program found that DIA has a comprehensive system in place for emergency management.  “Recent terrorist events have brought renewed focus to emergency preparedness,” said Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA.  “DIA is one of our country’s busiest airports with more than 53 million passengers each year.  We’re happy to report that DIA complies with all FAA requirements and has developed supplemental guidance on specific emergency situations.”

Denver’s Fox 31 television station spoke with Auditor O’Brien about the DIA audit, and reported that there was good news about DIA’s disaster preparedness.

The Denver Auditor’s Office examined DIA’s emergency planning, training and relationship to first-response partners.  The audit team reviewed a series of training and exercise events, including observing a simulated “active shooter” situation, requiring coordination between the various DIA departments involved with emergency preparation and response.

“Our audit had some minor recommendations to enhance DIA emergency preparedness,” explained Audit Supervisor Sonia Montano.  “Operating guidelines and instructions mandate specific actions to take during emergencies, but do not reference each other, which could lengthen response time and task coordination.  We also suggested documenting the analysis and decision-making process which resulted in the annual training plan, and tracking lessons learned from emergency events.”

“I’m pleased to report that DIA quickly agreed to implement our six minor recommendations for improvement, and to do so within the next two months,” O’Brien pointed out. “Their implementation plan augments existing procedures and uses technology to facilitate information-sharing.”

Read the full audit here.

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