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Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, today announced the appointment of Julie Connor as Director of Community Outreach.  Connor will be managing community relations and outreach, as well as sharing in developing the strategy and goals of the Auditor’s Office as a key member of the Executive Team.

“The breadth of Julie Connor’s experience in working with various stakeholder groups and populations in Denver is unparalleled,” said O’Brien.  “Part of the mission of our office, as with any public office, is to make sure we have ongoing two-way communication with Denver residents.  I want to continue the work I began during my election campaign of clearly communicating my goals and objectives, and now, the results that those principles are delivering for Denver.”

Connor’s professional experience has incorporated her personal passion for community-based action. She has been working with neighborhoods and residents face-to-face throughout the city for the past 11 years as a Program Director at Groundwork Denver, as a Denver City Council candidate in 2007, and as a Denver City Council Aide for District 7. She also worked for the City as a Graphic Designer at the Community Planning and Development Agency and Denver Health. Prior to moving to Denver in 1996, Connor was a health promoter with the Peace Corps in Paraguay, and then taught “American” English to business executives briefly in Chile. Returning to the United States, she did freelance graphics, taught software classes and worked on a small flower farm in the Washington, D.C. area. Connor was born and raised in Los Angeles, and obtained a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Over the years, Connor has volunteered with various organizations including 4-H, Sierra Club, Colorado Environmental Coalition, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Denver’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Transit Alliance. Currently she serves as a Board Member of the West Washington Park Neighborhood Association.

“I’m really looking forward to expanding the base of residents interested in how the Auditor’s Office serves the public good,” Connor said of her appointment. “Denver has an ongoing and fully independent system for looking at how our money is spent and whether or not proposed projects are doing what they are intended to do.  It’s about making sure that the City is performing as best as it could be. Being a part of making things run as effectively, efficiently and transparently as possible is a special position to be in, and I want all of Denver’s residents to be aware of the important work the Auditor is doing to improve Denver.”

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