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After an advertisement appeared in last Sunday’s Denver Post providing the names of workers owed pay for prior City work, five workers came to the Denver Auditor’s office to claim their back pay checks.

“This is exactly how we hoped the effort would work,” exclaimed Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA.  “It bothered all of us in the Auditor’s office that we were holding checks and couldn’t find the workers who were owed the money.  Our investigation isn’t complete until the employees actually receive the pay they’re owed.”

As the enforcer of Denver’s Prevailing and Living Wage ordinances, Auditor O’Brien wants to make sure workers on City and County of Denver projects get the wages to which they are entitled.  The ordinances cover the hundreds of contractors who are hired to build and repair the City’s infrastructure, as well as keep public spaces clean.

“The policy behind the ordinances is that City dollars should promote fair pay for the work performed,” explained Auditor O’Brien.  “Prevailing wages establish a level playing field for contractors bidding on City work, and, frankly, ensure that Denver gets competent workers in a competitive environment.”

The Auditor’s Prevailing Wage division reviews payrolls and job classifications of contractors who perform City work such as construction and janitorial services.  When the Prevailing Wage investigators find that a worker wasn’t properly paid, the worker’s employer issues a supplemental check for back wages.

While the Auditor’s Prevailing Wage division diligently tries to locate the workers to get them their back pay checks, it has been unable to find some of them.  Consequently, the Auditor’s office is placing ads in the Sunday Denver Post through November to try to locate the workers who are owed back wages.  In addition, a page in the Prevailiing Wage section on the Auditor’s website has been created and will be updated regularly with the names of the people whose pay checks the Auditor’s office is holding.

“The people who are owed back pay have already been harmed by not getting the correct wages in the first place,” explained Jeffrey A. Garcia, the Auditor’s Director of Contracts and Accountability.  “In just the few days since the ad ran, 20% of the workers owed back pay have come in to get their checks.  We’re pleased to be connecting employees with the money they are owed.”

The names of the workers are reproduced below.  To claim their checks, they must call the Auditor’s office at 720-913-5000, and provide their Social Security numbers.  People who have worked on City jobs should also check the regularly-updated “Prevailing Wage” section of the Auditor’s website here.

  • Calixto Amaya
  • David Carlon
  • Alexander Corle
  • Roland DeChamplain
  • Cristobal Delgado
  • Antonio A. Diaz-Deleon
  • Jordan Direnzo
  • Guadalupe Garcia
  • Jorge L. Garcia
  • Jose Rafael Garcia
  • Justin Allen Gonzales
  • Alfred E. Lemuel
  • Richard Martinez Jr.
  • Travis McQuain
  • Michael Meadows
  • Ramon Padilla
  • Jaime Sanchez
  • Roberto Pereyra Sanchez
  • Ernesto Vela
  • Jesus Villanueva
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