Timothy M. O'Brien with Holtzinger Award

The CFA Society Colorado has honored Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CFA, CPA, with the 2016 Jonathan Holtzinger Award of Excellence.  The award is presented to the Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder who best demonstrates the organization’s values and is making a difference as an investment professional in the community, the government and the investing public.  The CFA Society’s Advocacy Committee unanimously selected Auditor O’Brien for this prestigious award.

“As a member of CFA Society Colorado, Auditor O’Brien exemplifies the values of our organization by advocating for fair markets, high ethical standards, education, financial and accounting jobs in Colorado, and the need for CFA Charter as a gold standard in the financial industry,” explained Ivan V. Sichkar, Vice-President of the CFA Society Colorado. “Tim has helped to build a bridge between the CFA Society Colorado and local government regulators, industry leaders in finance, and local universities. Now, as Denver Auditor, Tim continues to set high standards in the accounting and financial industry, and serves as an outstanding example of what CFA Society Colorado represents.”

Jonathan Holtzinger, who died prematurely in 2012, held himself to the highest ethical standards.  Brilliant and driven, he built an advocacy template that has been adopted by other CFA societies throughout the United States.  Before they can place the “CFA” credential after their names, Chartered Financial Analysts must pass a rigorous certification program and adhere to strict ethical standards in investing.

“One of a CFA charterholder’s chief obligations is to put the interests of investors first,” O’Brien observed.  “This ethical standard has guided my work as Denver Auditor.  I always ask, are the taxpayers getting what they paid for?  Is the City doing its best for its residents?”

When Auditor O’Brien was elected in 2015, he became the only CFA charterholder and Certified Public Accountant in the Auditor’s Office.   He has since led the office to perform integrated audits with financial as well as performance objectives.

Established by the Holtzinger family, together with Peter Quinn and Ivan Sichkar, the Award of Excellence keeps Jonathan Holtzinger’s legacy of professional achievement alive.

Pictured above: Auditor O’Brien receives the Holtzinger Award of Excellence from Jordan Kunz, President and Director of the CFA Society of Colorado.

Pictured below: Jordan Kunz; Jonathan Holtzinger’s wife, Heather; Auditor O’Brien; Ivan Sichkar; and Jonathan Holtzinger’s parents, Charlene and Terry.

Photos by: Marshall Essig

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