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DENVER –Use-of-force policies in public safety, airport financial management practices, homeless policies, property tax processes and Denver’s cybersecurity are all part of Denver Auditor Timothy O’Brien’s ambitious 2018 Audit Plan.

Auditor O’Brien, a CPA, released his plan to audit city activities, departments and agencies for the coming year. Integrated auditing incorporates diverse approaches to the office’s work, including performance auditing, financial auditing, information technology auditing and contract compliance auditing. The objective of the proposed audits is to help the city improve services and stewardship of city resources.

“I believe our plan is comprehensive and will help ensure the city is running effectively on behalf of the people of Denver and the taxpayers I serve,” Auditor O’Brien said.

The audit plan includes an examination of how use-of-force policies within the Department of Public Safety have been implemented and the effectiveness of those policies.

“We plan to look into whether the Department of Safety follows its own guidelines and acts with the safety of everyone in mind,” Auditor O’Brien said.

Auditor O’Brien is also prioritizing the protection of Denver’s cybersecurity. The plan includes several opportunities to work with agencies to review systems security and technology policies and procedures.

Included in the plan is a second look at the oversight and use of mill levy funds by Rocky Mountain Human Services, Denver’s community centered board designed by the state to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The 2018 Audit Plan includes a possibility of reviewing Denver Human Services’ oversight and monitoring of public funds, as well as the impact of state regulations that will change the way all community centered boards operate.

The Auditor also plans to take a close look at Denver’s airport operations. Audit plans include airport security and coordination practices, financial and administration management and revenue-sharing with the Westin Denver International Airport Hotel. Many community members have expressed concern and

Auditor O’Brien plans to exercise his ability to audit the airport to make sure the organization is using tax dollars effectively.

Additionally, Auditor O’Brien plans to look into homeless services in Denver. The audit might include an analysis of the effects of certain social policies and might also assess the resources dedicated to addressing homelessness and the collaboration among agencies citywide.

In drafting this plan, the Auditor considered input about the city’s risks from a wide range of sources and people. Auditor O’Brien met with Denver elected officials, management and community members to strengthen audit analysis and assess trends through risk analysis. The Auditor’s audit staff continually monitor risks throughout the year while conducting audits and by performing data analytics on the city’s transactional information.

The audit plan could change according to priorities and relevant events throughout the next year. As a certified public accountant, Auditor O’Brien is bound by a code of ethics and professional standards. The Auditor’s work is performed on behalf of everyone who cares about Denver, including its residents, workers and decision-makers.

Read the 2018 Audit Plan

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