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DENVER – Denver Auditor Timothy O’Brien’s office is honored to accept a national award for its 2018 audit of the city’s affordable housing program, a high-priority and difficult issue in the City of Denver.

The Association of Local Government Auditors this month announced it would honor the Denver Auditor’s Office with the Distinguished Knighton Award for its report.

“This award is a high honor and evidence of the impactful, high-quality work we do every day,” said Auditor O’Brien, CPA. “The people of Denver deserve our best work, and it is our mission to safeguard taxpayer dollars and improve the way agencies operate.”

The prestigious Knighton Awards recognize the best work from auditing offices across the entire country each year. Auditor O’Brien directed his audit team to submit the Affordable Housing Audit for consideration because of the report’s impact in the community, its comprehensive and extensive research and field work and its overall presentation.

The Affordable Housing audit found significant problems ranging from improper determinations of income eligibility to incorrect pricing of homes. Our audit also found errors in the way affordable housing memoranda of acceptance were recorded, which can potentially lead to income-restricted homes improperly sold at full-market prices.

According to the audit, the city has both overpriced and underpriced homes. Additionally, the Office of Economic Development was not properly determining income eligibility to ensure monthly housing payments were affordable. The agency also did not accurately collect fees from developers meant to fund affordable housing.

The city is already working to make changes to address inconsistencies in the application of affordable housing policies. The Auditor’s Office plans to continue looking into aspects of the affordable housing program to identify inefficiencies, inconsistencies and room for errors.

The audit team that worked on this award-winning audit included Audit Supervisor Jared Miller, Audit Supervisor Patrick Schafer, Senior Auditor Shaun Wysong and Audit Intern Chris Wilson. Audit Director Katja Freeman oversaw the team.

“I am proud of the work my team produced, and I am pleased to see our peers across the country recognize the significance of this audit, as well,” Auditor O’Brien said. “This won’t be the end of the affordable housing issue in Denver, and I am proud to lead an office so well-equipped to help address it.”

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