Contractor Minimum Wage: $14.00

Contractor minimum wage applies to City of Denver projects, projects on City of Denver property, and projects using City of Denver funds. Denver Revised Municipal Code §20-82 prescribes the city’s contractor minimum wage requirements as: “every person or entity that provides any of the following services: concession services; catering services; maintenance services; ramp and cargo services; hospitality services; miscellaneous services; or security services as defined in this division (“covered services”) to the city, or on city property for more than thirty (30) consecutive days in a calendar year, or pursuant to a negotiated contractual requirement, shall pay all covered workers not less than a “city minimum wage” as calculated pursuant to subsection (c) for covered work.”

The applicable minimum wage is the greater of the applicable prevailing wage, living wage, Denver contractor minimum wage, the citywide minimum wage or other state or federal wage for the work performed.

Learn and read more via our Contractor Minimum Wage Overview (PDF)

How Denver Labor works

Cómo trabaja Denver Labor
Citywide Minimum Wage
  • All work performed in Denver
  • All workers, tip credit applies to food and beverage workers
  • Minimum increases annually on January 1
  • May be anonymous
Contractor Minimum Wage
  • Applies to all work performed on City of Denver property or using city dollars
  • Covers concessions, catering, maintenance, ramp and cargo, hospitality, security, miscellaneous services
  • Minimum increases annually on July 1
  • Complaints may not be anonymous
Prevailing Wage
  • Applies to all work performed on City of Denver property or using city dollars
  • Covers contractors and subcontractors for construction, improvement, repair, maintenance, demolition, or janitorial work
  • See Prevailing Wage for updated wage rates
  • 100% of payrolls must be submitted and will be reviewed by our analysts
Living Wage
  • Applies to all contractors or subcontractors to the city
  • Covers parking lot attendants, security guards, or child care workers
  • See Denver Labor for updated wage rates
  • Denver Labor applies whichever applicable rates (minimum wage, prevailing wage, living wage) are highest

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