Denver Needs to Track Employee Data to Avoid Bias in Pay

Denver necesita monitorear los datos de los empleados para evitar el sesgo salarial

City Still Missing Steps to Ensure Consistent Application of Property Tax Fee Waivers

La ciudad todavía no ha adoptado medidas suficientes para garantizar la aplicación consistente de las exenciones de tasas en los impuestos sobre la propiedad

Art Museum, Mayor Delay Clarifying Agreement for Art Ownership, Responsibilities

El museo de arte y el alcalde retrasan clarificar el acuerdo sobre la propiedad del arte y las responsabilidades

Auditor’s Annual Report Showcases Exceptional Work on Behalf of Denver

El reporte anual del Auditor presenta el trabajo excepcional realizado en nombre de Denver

City Agencies Improve Contracting Processes, but Mayor’s Office Misses Mark on Disclosures

Las agencias de la ciudad mejoran los procesos de contratación, pero la Oficina del Alcalde fracasa en las declaraciones de conflictos de intereses

Pandemic, Objections Leave Remaining Risks Unaddressed for Affordable Housing Program

La pandemia y las objeciones dejan sin abordar los riesgos para el Programa de Vivienda Asequible

La tarifa de salario mínimo de Denver aumenta a $14.77 por hora

Denver’s Minimum Wage Rate Increases to $14.77 per Hour

Airport Lacks Plan, Staff, and Funding for Maintenance and Repairs

El aeropuerto carece de un plan, personal y fondos para el mantenimiento y las reparaciones

Denver Labor Recovers More Than $1 Million for Underpaid Workers

Denver Labor recupera más de 1 millón de dólares para trabajadores mal pagados

Rocky Mountain Human Services Remains a Financial Risk for the City

Rocky Mountain Human Services todavía representa un riesgo financiero para la ciudad

Sidewalk Repair Program Decades Behind Schedule, Not Designed for ADA Compliance

El Programa de Reparación de Aceras lleva décadas de retraso y no está diseñado para cumplir con la ley ADA

Denver County Court Still at Risk for Undetected Errors in Transactions, while Denver Construction Contracts are More Competitive for Small Businesses

El Tribunal del Condado de Denver todavía corre el riesgo de cometer errores no detectados en las transacciones

Denver Preschool Program Improves Management, Use of Tax Revenue

El Programa Preescolar de Denver mejora la gestión y el uso de los ingresos fiscales

City Needs to Improve Oversight, Consistency in Use of Travel Expenses

La ciudad necesita mejorar la supervisión y la consistencia en la gestión de los gastos de viaje

Record Number of Employees Will Receive Backpay for Minimum Wage Underpayment

Un número récord de empleados recibirá un pago retroactivo por el cobro insuficiente del salario mínimo

Caring for Denver Accumulates Millions, Grants Little to Community Programs So Far

Cuidando a Denver acumula millones y por el momento concede poco a los programas comunitarios

2021 Audit Plan Supports Denver’s COVID-19 Relief and Equity Work

El Plan de Auditorías 2021 respalda la ayuda en respuesta al COVID-19 y el trabajo para la equidad de Denver

Auditor Recommends Improvements for Financial Accountability and Transparency at National Western Center

El auditor recomienda mejoras para la transparencia y la responsabilidad financiera en el National Western Center

Denver Human Resources Takes Narrow Approach Toward Addressing Wage Stagnation for Contract Workers

La Oficina de Recursos Humanos de Denver adopta un enfoque limitado respecto al estancamiento salarial de los trabajadores contratados

City Misses the Mark on Financial Reporting for Workers’ Compensation

La ciudad falla en los reportes financieros de compensación para trabajadores

City Agencies Could Lose Federal Funds If They Don’t Improve Timeliness

Las agencias de la ciudad podrían perder fondos federales si no mejoran el cumplimiento de los plazos

Syringe Access Programs Need Better Data Management and Communication Strategies to Reach People in Need

Los programas de acceso a jeringas necesitan una mejor gestión de datos y estrategias de comunicación para llegar a los necesitados

El aeropuerto demuestra responsabilidad financiera al mejorar los procesos

Airport Shows Financial Responsibility by Improving Processes

El salario mínimo de contratista aumenta a $14 por hora el 1 de julio

Denver Contractor Minimum Wage Increases to $14 per Hour on July 1

Denver Needs a Strategy to Address Safety and Security Risks in City Buildings

Audit: Denver Needs to Do Better for Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses

Denver Completes Affordable Home Inventory, Still Can’t Verify Correct Prices

Denver Real Estate Failed to Take Comprehensive Approach to Property Planning

Denver Needs a Centralized, Accessible, and Transparent Records Request Process

Auditor O’Brien Voluntarily Joins Staff in Taking Furlough Days

Denver Auditor’s Office Recognized Among Top in the Nation

Denver Is Inefficient and Ineffective in Verifying Accurate Marijuana Tax Collection

Wastewater Management Doing More to Monitor Construction Costs

“Our Vigilance Will Not Change”: Denver Labor Recovers Wages for Workers

Denver Police Largely Managing Grant Funds Successfully but Could Better Observe Policies and Procedures

A Message from Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, regarding COVID-19

Audit: City Could Do More to Track and Transparently Report on Inventory and Spending

Denver’s Ethics Board Enforcement Lacks Authority and Gift Reporting Lacks Transparency

Denver Needs Uniform Management of Information Technology

Auditor’s Office Uses Data to Keep Closer Watch on Taxpayers’ Money

City Creates New Policies to Better Govern Debt Management

Denver Labor Begins Enforcing Minimum Wage for City and County

Costly Computer System Gets Tepid Reviews from City Users

City Agencies Could Do More to Become Better Stewards of Public Resources

‘Denver Labor’ in the Auditor’s Office Will Help Employers, Employees Navigate New Minimum Wage

Audit Verifies City’s Calculations for Pension Plan

Company Operating Buffalo Bill Museum Gift Shop Fails to Implement Audit Recommendations — Again

Denver Improves Building Permitting Process with Better Organization, New Systems

Denver Airport Improves Management of Oil and Gas Wells, Still Has Work to Do on Parking

Auditor Recommends More Accurate Recording of State Payments for Property Tax Deductions

Auditor Announces Substantive, Impactful Plans for Upcoming Year

Preschool Program Saves More Than Needed, Risking Missed Opportunities to Help Children

Recurring Errors in Airport Financial Management Processes Lead to Lost Time and Revenue

Denver Botanic Gardens Makes Progress in Ensuring Safety and Security

O’Brien Proposes New Law Requiring Future Denver Auditors Be CPAs

Denver Is Not Doing Enough to Hold Rocky Mountain Human Services Financially Accountable in Aiding Residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

City Lacks Enforcement and Procedures to Preserve Affordable Homes

Follow-Up: Arts & Venues and Parks Slow to Improve After Audits

Westin Continues to Block Auditors’ Access to Necessary Information

Denver Auditor’s Office Begins Enforcing Minimum Wage for City Employees and Contractors

City Needs Better Transparency in Contracting to Avoid Political Favoritism and Conflicts of Interest

City Agencies Fail to Follow Through on Recommended Changes

Denver Auditor Looks Forward to Next Four Years of Service

Denver Needs Better Oversight and Controls for User Access in Workday, the Software Application Driving Denver’s Day-to-Day Business

Audit Finds Denver’s Approach to Homelessness Is Fragmented and Understaffed

Public Works Should Improve Competitive Bid Process and Ensure Cost Controls

Auditor Recognizes Former Auditor Mike Licht’s Life and Service

Denver Public Trustee’s Accounting and Financial Practices Need Improvement

Lack of Coordinated Risk Management in Denver Jails Could Compromise Safety

Denver Auditor’s Office Wins National Award for Affordable Housing Audit

Marriott Is Blocking Information Needed to Monitor Management of Denver International Airport’s Hotel

Denver’s Technology Management Needs to Rethink Where It Stores Its Data

Denver’s Real Estate Division Isn’t Following Through on Efforts for Better Monitoring

County Court Needs to Improve Administration of Case Files

City’s Affordable Housing Program Not Ensuring Affordability, Audit Finds

Audit Follow-Up Reports Show Improvements Across City Agencies

Technology Services Working to Improve How It Manages Growing Workload

The City is Not Accounting for the Full Cost of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Audit Finds Gaps in Purchasing and Payment Processes

Audit Plan: Public Health and Safety, Social Services, Contract Oversight Top Priorities in 2019

Auditor O’Brien Receives Award for Work on Behalf of People with Disabilities

Denver Human Services Improves Background Check Process for Child Welfare Services

City Still Not Adequately Enforcing Disability Accessible Parking

Audit Finds Nearly $500,000 Overdue and Uncollected Fees for Security Badges at Airport

Join us to learn more about Prevailing Wage

City Needs Better Monitoring of Workforce Development Programs

Concessionaires Not Sufficiently Reporting Revenues at Two City Attractions

Botanic Gardens Needs to Fix Flaws in Safety and Security at Public Events

Auditor Finds Improvements to Private Data Protection

City Needs to Improve Process for Assigning Costs for Shared Services Among Departments

Auditor O’Brien’s New Website Simpler and More Transparent for Taxpayers

Auditor O’Brien Recognizes Fire Department for Making Improvements in Growth and Long-Term Planning

Denver Employee Compensation and Benefits Needs Regular, Independent Reviews

Auditor O’Brien Recommends Better Oversight of Bonds and Other City Debt

Airport Needs To Do More To Ensure Rental Car Companies Are Paying

Auditor O’Brien Wins National Award

Zoo Makes Improvements After Audit

City Can’t Verify Concessions Revenue

Denver Risks Loss and Misuse of Equipment Due to Inadequate Records

Peer Review Praises Auditor’s Office

Some Oil and Gas Wells Losing Money at Airport

Denver Elections Ensuring Accurate Voting

Audit Finds Slack Oversight of Airport Parking Operations

DIA Needs to Improve Airline Agreement Enforcement

Accounting Evaluation Already Creating Change

Denver Jails Could Improve Training, Safety

Auditor O’Brien Completes Successful 2017

Denver Needs Better Short-Term Rental Enforcement

Denver Not Prepared to Provide Mission-Essential Services in Emergency

Office of Marijuana Policy Needs More Transparency

Plans to Consider Simplifying Zoning Code Delayed Two Years

Auditor Releases Ambitious 2018 Audit Plan

Rocky Mountain Human Services has Tightened Spending

Child Welfare Division had Poor Documentation of Background Checks

Auditor Applauds Life and Service of Former Auditor Crider

Better Controls Needed After Payroll Conversion

DPD Refuses to Implement Audit Recommendations

Auditor’s Office Talks Prevailing Wage

Long Waits Hold Up Denver’s Building Permit Process

Denver County Courts Refuse Audit

Auditor O’Brien Wins Outstanding CPA Award

Faulty Technical Specs Cost DIA $2.9 Million

Personal Information Needs More Protection in 311 System

DPD Rejects Auditor’s Data-Driven Policing Recommendations

Denver Golf Could Improve Strategic Planning and Financial Processes

Parks Adopts A Formal Designation Policy

Auditor Secures $241,000 in Back Pay for Contract Workers

Parks Could Do More To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Auditor Finds Contract Numbers Don’t Add Up

Rental Car Concession Revenue Flies Away From DIA

Auditor Finds Need To Protect Personal Information

Auditor: 2016 Year In Review

Denver Zoo Agrees To Improve Compliance and Governance in Response to Audit

City Council Adopts Audit Recommendations for Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled

Auditor O’Brien Secures $550,000 for DIA Bus Drivers

DU Students Intern with Auditor

Auditor Finds Firefighter Hiring Lags Behind Budget Authorization

O’Brien Prevails on Improvements to Wage Enforcement

O’Brien Asks for Greater Transparency in Marijuana

Auditor O’Brien Releases 2017 Audit Plan

Audit Finds Inadequate Spaces, Inadequate Enforcement of Denver’s Disability Parking

Police Department Ready to Collect Demographic Data

Heidi O’Neil, CPA, Joins Denver Auditor Office

External Audit Verifies City’s Good Financial Health

Independent Audit Reveals True Cost of DIA Hotel and Transit Center

Auditor Issues RFP for External Audit of City’s Pay and Benefits Survey

O’Brien Receives Holtzinger Award of Excellence

Auditor Issues Contract Compliance RFQ

Ten Minutes With Tim: Auditor’s Open Houses in June

Audit Inspires Changes to State Law

Deputy Auditor Walling Appointed to Jeffco Audit Committee

Audit by Prevailing Wage Investigator Yields $14,000 in Back Pay for DIA Workers

Zoo Agrees To Unrestricted Audit

Zoo Doesn’t Have A Legal Leg To Stand On

Zoo Stonewalls Denver Auditor

Denver Auditors Win Top Prize From National Organization

Auditor Recommends Measures to Accurately Account For Parks, Other Capital Assets

Leslie Mitchell Re-Appointed to Audit Committee

$1 Million Held Back From DIA Contract

Florine Nath Appointed to Audit Committee

Charles Scheibe Appointed to Audit Committee

Auditor’s Office Recommends Changes to Community Policing

Audit Reveals That Rocky Mountain Human Services Spent Public Money Improperly

Presentation of 2016 Audit Plan to City Council

Audit Finds That DIA is Prepared for Emergencies

Questions on Cost of DIA Hotel Accompany Grand Opening

Workers Owed Back Pay Get Their Checks

Auditor O’Brien Appoints Director of Community Outreach

Auditor O’Brien Recovers Unpaid Wages, Seeks Those Owed Back Pay

Diligence Results in Increased Compensation for Workers

Denver Auditors’ Successful Practices Confirmed

Auditor Releases 2016 Audit Plan

Report Released Highlighting Collaboration Between Denver Auditor’s Office and GAO

Deputy Auditor Appointed

Ed Scholz Appointed to Denver Audit Committee

Auditor O’Brien Hires Director of Contracts and Accountability

Auditor O’Brien Announces Reorganization Of Denver Auditor Office

Auditor O’Brien Signs I-70 Intergovernmental Agreement With CDOT

Auditor O’Brien appoints Jack Blumenthal to the Denver Audit Committee

Auditor Tim O’Brien Announces Communications Director Hire

Denver Needs to Track Employee Data to Avoid Bias in Pay

Haga clic aquí para español DENVER – Denver cannot systematically track employee data to ensure there is no bias related to pay for all genders, races, or ethnicities, according to an audit out today from Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA. “Holding the city...

Denver necesita monitorear los datos de los empleados para evitar el sesgo salarial

Click here for English DENVER - Denver no puede realizar un seguimiento sistemático de los datos de los empleados para garantizar que no haya sesgo salarial de género, raza o etnia, según una auditoría realizada hoy por el Auditor de Denver Timothy M. O’Brien,...

City Still Missing Steps to Ensure Consistent Application of Property Tax Fee Waivers

Haga clic aquí para español DENVER – The city is late in implementing tools and policies to help ensure better oversight of some aspects of its property tax system and processes, particularly related to waived interest and fees, according to a follow-up report...

La ciudad todavía no ha adoptado medidas suficientes para garantizar la aplicación consistente de las exenciones de tasas en los impuestos sobre la propiedad

Click here for English DENVER - La ciudad se retrasa en la implementación de herramientas y políticas que ayuden a garantizar una mejor supervisión de algunos aspectos de su sistema de impuestos sobre la propiedad y de sus procesos, particularmente relacionados con la...

Art Museum, Mayor Delay Clarifying Agreement for Art Ownership, Responsibilities

Haga clic aquí para español DENVER – The Denver Art Museum’s agreement with the city is unclear and lacks documentation of which entity owns what and what each entity’s responsibilities are, according to a new audit report from Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA....

El museo de arte y el alcalde retrasan clarificar el acuerdo sobre la propiedad del arte y las responsabilidades

Click here for English DENVER - El acuerdo que mantiene el Denver Art Museum con la ciudad no es claro y carece de documentación sobre qué entidad es propietaria de qué y sobre cuáles son las responsabilidades de cada entidad, según un nuevo reporte de auditoría del...

Auditor’s Annual Report Showcases Exceptional Work on Behalf of Denver

Haga clic aquí para español DENVER – Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a banner year for Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, and his Audit Services team and Denver Labor — which recovered over a record-breaking $1 million in restitution for...

Colorado’s Minimum Wage Increases To $12 Per Hour

“City of Denver officials say they will start enforcing the minimum wage law immediately. The process begins with workers filing formal complaints followed by a Denver labor investigation. If an employer is not following the law they could end up paying up $50 for each day a worker is paid less than minimum wage.” 

CBS4 Denver, January 01, 2020

Denver auditor asks city to take action against airport Westin hotel for withholding records

The 519-room hotel opened in late 2015 as part of a $719 million project that also included the airport’s transit center. The auditor’s letter marks the latest escalation of a fight for records that began more than a year ago.

Denver Post, July 8, 2019


City Audit Faults Denver’s “Fragmented” Approach to Homelessness

The audit indicated that city officials agreed to implement each of its recommendations, and in a statement on Thursday, Hancock said he would go one step further, announcing plans to establish a new city department to lead its homelessness efforts.

Westword, April 19, 2019

In the news


Compensation Setting Analysis (Report: February 2021 | Release)
Auditor: Denver must improve data availability to determine pay inequities – Colorado Politics, February 19, 2021
Auditor: Denver must improve data availability to determine pay inequities – The Denver Gazette, February 18, 2021 

Denver Art Museum (Report: January 2021 | Release)
Auditor Blasts Denver Art Museum and City for Not Reworking Contracts – Westword, January 22, 2021
Who owns Denver Art Museum’s art? City audit says it’s unclear on some works – The Denver Post, January 28, 2021 

Contract Procurement Practices Follow-Up (Report: January 2021 | Release)
Denver Mayor Hancock’s office still exposed to conflicts of interest, auditor says – The Denver Post, January 12, 2021

Denver Labor and Minimum Wage
Another minimum wage increase in Denver - Denver Post - January 7, 2021
Denver’s minimum wage rate increases on Friday to $14.77 per hour
- Denver Channel 7 - January 1, 2021
Denver raises minimum wage to $14.77 - Fox 31 - January 1, 2021
Denver’s Minimum Wage Increases To $14.77 Per Hour - CBS4 - January 1, 2021
Denver's minimum wage jumps to $14.77 - 9News - January 1, 2021


Airport Capital Assets (Report: December 2020 | Release)
DIA has fallen behind on maintenance even as it’s poured billions of dollars into expansions - The Denver Post - January 15, 2021
DIA is falling behind with maintenance, city audit finds - 9News - December 18, 2020
Denver auditor finds DIA lacks plan, staff and money for airport upkeep - Colorado Politics - December 18, 2020
Denver International Airport Audit Finds Trains, Escalators In Need Of Maintenance - CBS4 - December 17, 2020
Airport Lacks Plan, Staff, and Funding for Maintenance and Repairs say Denver Auditor - North Denver News - December 17, 2020

Sidewalk Repair Program (Report: November 2020 | Release)
Denver auditor: Sidewalk repair program is decades behind schedule, not designed for ADA compliance - Denver Channel - November 20, 2020
Denver Auditor: Sidewalk Repair Program 50 Years Behind Schedule - CBS 4 - November 19, 2020
Denver’s sidewalk repair program needs fixes, audit finds - Denver Post - November 19, 2020

November Follow-ups (Reports)
Follow-up audits show some improvements for Denver city agencies, but ‘continued risk’ remains - Colorado Politics - Nov. 12, 2020

Caring For Denver (Report: October 2020)
As voters show support for ballot measure 2B in Denver, how will the money be spent? - 9News - Nov. 4, 2020
Denver mayor OKs more money for program pairing police, mental health providers - Denver Post - October 17, 2020
As budget tightens, Denver leaders count on tax increases for new programs - Denver Post - October 17, 2020
Denver audit finds Caring for Denver Foundation has millions in unspent dollars - Colorado Politics - October 16, 2020

Prevailing Wage Determinations Audit (Report: September 2020)
Denver Human Resources fails to address wage stagnation, appeals among contract workers, audit says - Colorado Politics - September 18, 2020

Data Centers (Report: January 2019 | Follow-up: September 2020)
Audit: Denver data centers still lacking protections - Colorado Politics - September 8, 2020

Worker’s Compensation (Report: October 2018 | Follow-up: September 2020)
Denver comp program failed to implement recommendations: Auditor - Business Insurance - September 9, 2020
Auditor: Denver workers' comp program still not fully accounting for costs - The Gazette - September 8, 2020

Employment Services Cluster Grants (Report: August 2020 | Release)
Denver auditor: City should remedy recordkeeping for federal workforce development grant - Colorado Politics - August 31, 2020

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Report: August 2020 | Release)
Denver auditor finds some reporting delays for federal law enforcement grants - Colorado Politics - August 28, 2020

Syringe Access and Sharps Disposal (Report August 2020 | Release)
Report: Denver's syringe programs could benefit from more precise data, better oversight - Colorado Politics - August 21, 2020

Airport Security (Report: September 2018 | Follow-up: August 2020 | Release)
Auditor: DIA implemented most recommendations for employee badging, security - Colorado Politics - August 10, 2020

Minority/ Women and/ or Disadvantaged Business Program (Report: June 2020 | Release)
Monitoring of disadvantaged business contracting a problem, Denver auditor finds - Colorado Politics - June 22, 2020

Library Financial Processes (Report: June 2020)
Denver Public Library should strengthen financial oversight, audit finds - Colorado Politics - June 22, 2020

Safety and Security of City Facilities (Report: June 2020 | Release)
Report: Denver isn’t making safety and security of city buildings a priority - Fox 31 - June 22, 2020
Denver's response to facility security unclear, non-compliant, city auditor finds - Colorado Politics - June 23, 2020

City Real Estate Portfolio Practices (Report: May 2020 | Release)
Denver auditor finds record keeping, communication deficiencies at city real estate office - Colorado Politics - May 27, 2020

Open Records (Report: May 2020 | Release)
Denver Auditor finds city’s open records request process lacks transparency - Colorado Politics - June 5, 2020
Auditor finds Denver's response to public records requests lacks accessibility - 9News - May 21, 2020
“The city’s records are really the people of Denver’s records”: Auditor criticizes transparency on open records - Denver Post - May 21, 2020

Marijuana Taxation (Report April 2020 - Release)
Does Easy Legal Cannabis Delivery Exist In Colorado? Yes, But It’s Almost Impossible To Find - CPR News - May 13, 2020
Only 2 marijuana businesses license to deliver in state - Colorado Politics - May 14, 2020
Denver Auditor Explains Why He Called Out CIty's Marijuana Tax Use - Westword - May 1, 2020
Unlicensed Marijuana Delivery's Bold, Bizarre Existence in Denver
- Westword - April 29, 2020
Denver auditor finds litany of deficiencies in city's monitoring of marijuana businesses - Colorado Politics - April 16, 2020
Denver Auditor’s Office Googles illegal marijuana deliveries, finds illegal marijuana deliveries - Denverite - April 16, 2020
Report: Denver marijuana business audits 'ineffective' - Associated Press - April 17, 2019
Denver Auditor says the city is inefficient when it comes to marijuana tax collection - Fox 31 - April 16, 2020

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Grant (Report March 2020 - Release)
Auditor: Denver police should address record-keeping deficiencies in drug trafficking grant - Colorado Politics - March 19, 2020

Board of Ethics and Clerk and Recorder’s Office (Release - February 2020):
"Denver official to face further disciplinary action after board ruled he used position for personal gain" - 9News - February 20, 2020

Denver Labor
"Denver auditor changes wage-recovery procedures during pandemic" - Colorado Politics - April 1, 2020

Minimum Wage
Record number of employees to receive backpay from MSU Denver - Met Media - November 2, 2020
City contractor wages increase in Denver - Colorado Politics - July 1, 2020
City of Denver contract workers get a minimum wage pay increase - KDVR - July 1, 2020
Denver auditor to hold information session on minimum wage - Colorado Politics - February 25, 2020
Denver auditor commences authority to investigate, fine minimum wage violators - Colorado Politics - January 2, 2020
Colorado's Minimum Wage Increases To $12 Per Hour - CBS 4 - January 1, 2020
Time for a pay raise: Denver's minimum wage increased on New Year's Day - FOX 31 - January 1, 2020 

Other News
What 'Safer-at-Home' life means to Denver city officials - Colorado Politics - May 9, 2020
Denver auditor to join in furlough 
Denver auditor wins excellence award from national association
- Colorado Politics - May 4, 2020
Denver Auditor Plans Audit Of DIA's Great Hall Project - CBS4 - April 29, 2019
Denver auditor finds Wastewater Management strengthened payment oversight - Colorado Politics - April 6, 2020 (Contractor Hiring Follow-up)
Coronavirus in Colorado: Updates from March 18-19, 2020 - Denver Channel 7 - March 21, 2020
Analytics Team helps Denver auditor track every tax dollar - Colorado Politics - January 17, 2020 (Continuous Auditing)


Denver Preschool Program (Report October 2019 - Release)
"Denver Preschool Program Saving Too Much, Spending Too Little, Auditor Says" - Westword - October 18, 2019

DIA Accounts Receivable (Report September 2019 - Release)
Denver auditor accuses DIA leaders of 'resisting' advice on audits, resulting in $1M loss - Denver Business Journal - September 19, 2019
DIA Is Having A Hard Time In Ways Besides The Renovation Project, According To A New Audit - CPR - September 19, 2019

Property Tax Spending for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Report August 2019 - Release)
Rocky Mountain Human Services is clear of its old troubles, but transparency questions linger" - The Denver Post - August 15, 2019 (PDF)
"Auditor: Denver Human Services failed to prove it spent tax dollars correctly" - Colorado Politics - August 16, 2019
"City Audit Finds Maligned Service Provider for the Disabled Close to Reform" - Westword - August 16, 2019 (PDF)

Preserving Affordable Housing (Report August 2019 - Release)
"Denver agencies are at odds over how to manage affordable housing" - The Denver Channel - August 16, 2019

Minimum Wage Enforcement (July 2019 - Release)
Denver auditor rebrands wage theft enforcement after council vote - Colorado Politics - November 27, 2019
Final Denver minimum wage proposal released - Colorado Politics - November 4, 2019
Denver's minimum wage hike heads to final vote, but not without a few more changes - Colorado Politics - November 12, 2019
Denver auditor to hold information session on minimum wage - Colorado Politics - February 25, 2020
Denver auditor takes charge of enforcing new minimum wage requirements - Colorado Politics - July 1, 2019
"Pay increases for city workers start by law today — and Denver’s auditor is watching - Denverite - July 1, 2019
"Denver auditor takes charge of enforcing new minimum wage requirements" - Colorado Politics - July 1, 2019
"Minimum wage enforcement begins for city employees and contractors" - FOX 31 - July 1, 2019 (PDF)

Contract Procurement Processes (Report June 2019 - Release)
Auditor: Denver Must Do More to Disclose Conflicts of Interest With Contractors" - Colorado Public News - June 20, 2019
"Denver auditor: City bidding practices lack safeguards against political favoritism" - Colorado Politics - June 21, 2019

Auditor Profile
"Executive Voice: How Denver's auditor changed the office into a watchdog for the city" - Denver Business Journal - May 24, 2019
"Surely you know what Denver’s auditor does. This explainer is just in case you don’t." - Denverite - April 4, 2019 (PDF)

Homeless Services (Report Apr 18 - Release)
"Denver purchasing Salvation Army homeless shelter for $10.5 million" - Colorado Politics - August 23, 2019
"Denver's Newly Rebranded Department of Housing Stability in the Works" - Westword - August 6, 2019
"Eleven Big Challenges Hancock Will Face in His Third Term" - Westword - June 10, 2019 (PDF)
"Progress report on new Department of Housing and Homelessness" - 9News - June 12, 2019
"Denver auditor calls homelessness programs fragmented, understaffed" - Colorado Politics - April 18, 2019
"Auditor finds Denver homelessness strategy is “fragmented and understaffed”" - Denver Post - April 18, 2019
"Denver announces a housing and homelessness department — kind of" - Denverite - April 18, 2019 (PDF)
"Denver's approach to homelessness lacks strategic plan, audit finds" - 9News - April 18, 2019
"City Audit Faults Denver’s “Fragmented” Approach to Homelessness" - Westword - April 19, 2019 (PDF)

Workday User Access Controls (Report April 18 | Follow-up report)
Denver implemented policies to better control software access, auditor finds - Colorado Politics - June 5, 2020
"Denver Auditor cites need for better oversight of software program for city personnel" - Colorado Politics - April 25, 2019

Jail Safety (Report Mar 21 - Release)
"Denver’s auditor isn’t happy with the way the Denver Sheriff Department is handling safety at its jails" - Denverite - Mar. 21, 2019 (PDF)
Auditor’s office: Safety approaches by the Denver Sheriff Department ‘fragmented and inconsistent‘” – 9News – Mar. 21, 2019
Auditor, Sheriff’s Department Disagree on Handcuffing Best Practices” – Westword – Mar. 22, 2019 (PDF)
Auditor found issues in Denver jails that could compromise safety” – The Denver Channel – Mar. 22, 2019

Westin Hotel Revenue (Report Feb 21 - Release Feb 21 - Release July 8)
"Lawyers propose contract revision in Denver auditor, DIA hotel dispute" - Colorado Politics - August 29, 2019
"Denver Auditor Asks City To Sue DIA Airport Hotel Operator" - CPR - July 9, 2019
"Denver auditor asks city to take action against airport Westin hotel for withholding records" - Denver Post - July 8, 2019
Westin hotel at DIA evaded Denver officials’ attempts to dig into its operations and finances, audit says” – Denver Post – Feb. 21, 2019 (Front page PDF, article PDF)
Denver Auditor: Marriott Stood In The Way Of DIA Hotel Financial Audit” – CPR – Feb. 21, 2019
Marriott International blocking requests for DIA hotel info, Denver auditor says” – Denver Business Journal – Feb. 21, 2019
"Auditor's office: Marriott International blocking requests for DIA hotel info" - 9News - Feb. 21, 2019

Other news
DIA finances and cannabis taxation among Denver's proposed audits for 2020 - 9News - October 22, 2019 (2020 Audit Plan)
DIA advances $3.8M contracts for oil and gas well maintenance - Colorado Politics - October 17, 2019
Should Denver’s auditor have to be a CPA? - Colorado Independent - September 5, 2019
"Denver auditor wants holders of the title to be CPAs as well" - Colorado Politics - August 30, 2019
"Turns out you don’t have to be a licensed accountant to audit Denver’s finances, but that might change" - Denverite - September 3, 2019
"Friday Footnotes: CPA or Nothing; PwC Snitched?; When the Cloud Goes Down | 8.30.19" - Going Concern - August 30, 2019 (PDF)
"Denver's ethics director asks for audit before upcoming retirement" - Colorado Politics - August 20, 2019
"As Michael Henry retires, the longtime Denver ethics leader has some parting words for a government with gaps" - Denverite - August 19, 2019 (PDF)
"Denver auditor faults 2 city agencies for not making changes as agreed" - Colorado Politics - July 18, 2019
"Inauguration: City Celebrates "OneDenver," Dissenters Say Not Yet" - Westword - July  15, 2019 (PDF)
"Denver's Mayor Hancock, new council members sworn in" - Colorado Politics - July 15, 2019
"Watchdog says Mayor Hancock isn’t following through on recommendations" - North Denver News - June 24, 2019 (PDF)
"Denver's Government Is Growing — Some Parts of It Faster Than Others" - Westword - April 30, 2019 (PDF)
"Mike Licht, former Denver auditor and mayoral candidate, dies at 87" - Denver Post - March 29, 2019 (PDF)


Affordable Housing (Report Dec 2018 | Follow-up Report | Release)
Denver auditor finds improvements, lingering miscalculations in affordable housing agency - Colorado Politics - June 4, 2020
Audit finds serious errors in city's affordable housing program - 9News (PDF)
Denver’s auditor is questioning whether its Office of Economic Development is doing its job on affordable housing - Denverite (PDF)
Denver staff will personally attend hundreds of home closings to fix city’s affordable housing mess - Denver Post (PDF)
City audit finds several “serious” problems with Denver affordable housing program - Colorado Independent (PDF)
Calderon challenges weaknesses in Denver affordable housing strategy in Christmas Eve tweet storm - North Denver News (PDF)

Denver County Courts (Report: Dec 2018 | Release: Dec 2018) | Release: Aug 2017)
Audit concludes poor management of files in Denver County Court could affect administration of justice - Denver Post - December 20, 2018
Denver County court system says it is “fully committed to financial transparency,” wants to meet with auditor - Denver Post - August 17, 2017
Auditor says Denver County court system is refusing to be audited - Denver Post - August 14, 2017

Department of Parks and Recreation - Pahaska Teepee (Report August 2018 - Release)
Denver Auditor’s office finds issue with two concessionaires, also questions parks department oversight - Denver Post - Aug 16, 2018 (PDF)

Denver Botanic Gardens (Report July 2018 - Release)
"Auditor calls on Denver Botanic Gardens to improve safety, security" - Denver Channel 7 - July 19, 2018 (PDF)

Debt Management (Report May 2018 - Follow-up Report Release)
Denver auditor finds some progress, some outstanding risks on debt management - Colorado Politics - January 10, 2020

Capital Assets Audit (Report Apr. 2018 - Release)
Denver auditor finds capital asset tracking, fund reporting rules lacking - Colorado Politics - March 9, 2020
"Hundreds of Denver assets could be missing due to inaccurate books, audit finds" - Colorado Politics - April 23, 2018 (PDF)
"City of Denver missing millions in assets, suggests auditor"  - North Denver News - April 19, 2018

Peer Review (2018 Review)
"Denver's auditor's office passes with flying colors in peer review" - Colorado Politics - March 27, 2018 (PDF)

Denver International Airport Oil and Gas (Report Mar. 2018 - Release)
DIA improves oil-well oversight but needs to boost parking revenue, Denver auditor says - Denver Business Journal - November 13, 2019
"Why Denver Has to Spend Millions on Oil Wells That Don’t Produce a Drop" - Westword - October 17, 2019
"DIA advances $3.8M contracts for oil and gas well maintenance" - Colorado Politics - October 17, 2019
"Nearly a third of Denver airport's oil and gas wells are not losing money, an audit says. Should they be plugged?" - Denver Post - March 15, 2018
"DIA's oil and gas wells not big money makers, audit finds" - Denver Business Journal - March 15, 2018 (PDF)
"DIA is operating oil and gas wells at a big loss" - Colorado Politics - March 20, 2018 (PDF)

Denver Elections Evaluation (Report Feb. 2018- Release)
"Audit: Checks in place to ensure accuracy of Denver elections" - Colorado Politics - Feb. 22, 2018 (PDF)

Denver International Airport Parking Revenue (Report Feb. 2018 - Release)
"Denver does not track Uber and Lyft rides, opening risk, Denver auditor warns" - Denver Post - February 15, 2018
"DIA Could Be Missing Out on Uber, Lyft Revenue" - CBS 4 Denver - February 15, 2018 (PDF)
"Hail, no: Denver auditor wants DIA to ride hard on Uber and Lyft reports" - Denver Business Journal and 9News - February 15, 2018 (PDF)

Airline Agreements Follow-up (Report Nov. 2016 - Follow-up Report Feb. 2018 - Release)
"Denver Auditor: DIA needs to improve on accurately collecting fees from airlines" - Colorado Politics - Feb. 5, 2018 (PDF)

Denver Jails Operations Follow-up  (Follow-up Report Dec. 2016 - Release - Report Mar. 2015)
Denver Sheriff Patrick Firman expected to resign in coming weeks" - Denver 7 - Sept. 06, 2019
"Slow inmate processing at Denver jails leaves inmates, sheriff's deputies vulnerable, city auditor finds"- Colorado Politics - 1/22/18 (PDF)
"Denver auditor finds DSD has made significant changes, but inmate and deputy safety still an issue" - Denver 7 - 1/18/17 (PDF)
"Denver auditor says sheriff could do more to reduce violence in downtown jail" - Denver Post - 1/22/18 (PDF)
"Ensuring Accountability, Safety, and Security in a Large Urban Jail" - ALGA - Association of Local Government Audtiors - Fall 2018 (PDF)

Short Term Rental Audit 
“Denver is making progress regulating short-term rentals” – Denver Post – 01/04/2018


Short-Term Rental Audit (Report Dec. 2017 - Release)
Airbnb owners in Denver surrendering licenses to avoid felony charges - Colorado Politics - Sept. 4, 2019
For the first time, Denver revokes short-term rental license on home listed as 'hotel' - 9News - Mar. 21, 2019
Airbnb to take over Denver lodging tax collections from hosts starting April 1 - Denver Post - Mar. 16, 2018 - PDF
"Audit Sees Room for Improvement in Denver's Short-Term Rental Program" - Westword - Dec. 22, 2017
"Audit reveals flaws in Denver's short-term rental system" - Denver Business Journal - Dec. 22, 2017
"Denver's Short-Term Rental Enforcement Needs Tweaking, Auditor Says" - Colorado Public Radio - Dec. 21, 2017
"Lodger's tax collected on Denver short-term rentals nears $2 million" - Denver Post - Dec. 21, 2017
"Denver Auditor says should do more to enforce short-term rental rules" - 9News - Dec. 21, 2017

Continuity of Operations Audit (Report Dec. 2017 - Release)
"Denver's not ready for a disaster, says city auditor" - Denver Business Journal - Dec. 18, 2017
"Audit finds Denver unprepared to continue essential services after disaster" - Denver Post - Dec. 17, 2017
"Denver might not be adequately prepared for a disaster, audit shows" - Denver Channel 7 - Dec. 14, 2017

Office of Marijuana Policy: Follow-up Report  (Follow-up Report Dec. 2017 - Release - Report Oct. 2016 - Release)
"Denver Auditor: Marijuana Policy Office Needs More Transparency" - Westword - Dec. 8, 2017
"Auditor finds Denver could do more to ensure marijuana tax revenue goes to right places" - Denverite - Dec. 8, 2017
"Denver marijuana regulators' oversight improved, but still lacking tax transparency, auditor says" - The Cannabist - Dec. 7, 2017

Child Welfare Services (Report Oct. 2017 - Release)
Denver can’t find background checks for child welfare caseworkers, auditor finds" - Denverite - Oct. 19, 2017
"More than half of Denver child-welfare workers couldn't prove they passed background checks, audit finds" - Denver Post - October 20, 2017
"DHS acknowledges problems with background checks for child welfare caseworkers" - 9News - October 20, 2017
"Denver can't find background checks for child welfare caseworkers, auditor finds" - Denverite - October 20, 2017
"Denver child-welfare caseworkers couldn’t produce background checks during audit" - Colorado Politics - October 24, 2017

Community Planning and Development - Building Permits (Report Aug. 2017 - Release)
"Need a building permit in Denver? Auditor says you can expect to wait — too long" - The Denver Post - August 17, 2017
"Denver auditor finds builders are waiting a long time to get permits" - Denverite - August 17, 2017
"Denver auditor criticizes delays in city building permitting" - Denver Business Journal - August 17, 2017
"Denver looking for permanent permit solution" - 9News - August 17, 2017
"Audit: Denver city Planning Running Amok" - Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle - September, 2017

Airside Construction
"Audit: DIA's failure to review pavement specs led to cracking, costing extra $2.9 million" - Denver Post - July 20, 2017

Personally Identifiable Information in Salesforce
"Denver auditor finds possible security issues with city's 311 system" - Denver Business Journal - July 20, 2017
"Social Security numbers were showing up in 311 database, Denver auditor finds" - Denverite - July 20, 2017

Denver Police Department - Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety Model (Report Jun 2017 - Release)
"Denver auditor, police department disagree over whether officers working to end racial profiling" - Denver Channel 7 - September 28, 2017 (PDF)
"Denver auditor, police department disagree over whether officers working to end racial profiling" - The Denver Post - September 28, 2017 (PDF)
"Denver police will collect more information on race and gender during stops" - Denverite - September 28, 2017 (PDF)
"Denver auditor, police disagree on anti-bias implementation" - Seattle Times - September 28, 2017 (PDF)
"Denver auditor, police disagree on anti-bias implementation" - US News - September 28, 2017 (PDF)

Denver Zoo Cooperative Agreement (Report Jan. 2017  Follow-up Report May 2018)
Our News:
Zoo Stonewalls Denver Auditor - Apr. 2016
Zoo Agrees To Unrestricted Audit - Apr. 2016
Denver Zoo Agrees To Improve Compliance and Governance in Response to Audit - Jan. 2017
Zoo Makes Improvements After Audit - May 2018

Media Coverage: 
Read Auditor O’Brien’s letter to Mayor Hancock.  The “Cooperative Agreement” between the City and the Zoo is available here.
Denver Post Editorial on necessity of Zoo compliance April 6, 2016
Channel 7 on Zoo’s obstruction April 4, 2016
Denver Post on Zoo’s stonewalling April 5, 2016
Colorado Independent on Zoo stonewalling and SCFD renewal April 4, 2016
Denver Business Journal on Zoo’s obstruction April 5, 2016
Channel 9 on “What is the Zoo trying to Hide?” April 5, 2016
Letter to the Editor questioning SCFD funding level April 9, 2016
Denver Zoo, busting at the seams and back in the city's good graces, retools for the future - Denver Post - May 2018 (PDF)


Medical Marijuana Taxation (Follow-up Jun 2016)
"$1.1 million recovered through medical marijuana audits" - The Colorado Statesman - Sept. 29, 2016 (pg 4)

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